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Summit Behavioral Health Launches Brand New Website with Revamped Design, User Experience

Summit Behavioral Health, one of the leaders in drug and alcohol detox and intensive outpatient addiction treatment in the Northeastern U.S., launched a new, easy-to-find website this week at https://www.summitbehavioralhealth.com (https://www.summitbehavioralhealth.com)

(PRWeb October 01, 2015)

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CDC Study Shows Heroin User Demographics Changing —Novus Medical Detox Says Shifting Tide Signals Drug’s Widespread Infiltration

Heroin use is again on the rise and is cropping up in suburban neighborhoods, prompting Novus Medical Detox to call for better public education with regard to the dangers of drugs. Additionally, Novus urges those struggling with addiction to seek help from a safe, effective detox and rehabilitation program.

(PRWeb June 30, 2014)

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AllTreatment Redesigns Layout for Easier User Experience

AllTreatment has completely overhauled its entire interface for better content readability. New page designs have been implemented for the website’s featured articles and blogs, and the website now includes category pages as well as instant social media sharing.

(PRWeb July 09, 2013)

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Hopelinks Drug Rehab Directory Launches Redesign To Improve User Experience

Hopelinks.com is a free alcohol and drug treatment directory serving the entire U.S., with easy access through city, state, or zip code specific search. It is now easier than ever to find drug treatment, dual diagnosis, detox and rehab centers nationwide at Hopelinks.com.

(PRWeb July 21, 2011)

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Demi Lovato, in a Seemingly Unwavering Display of Determination, Releases Her Latest Album to a Surge in user interest; Ticketmayor.com reports

With Demi Lovato’s Unbroken being released on the 20th of last month, various news and media outlets, including LATimes.com have chronicled the Disney star’s colorful past, fame, public meltdown, rehab and pinned hopes of a revival of her success on her third studio album. Secondary ticket selling site Ticketmayor.com reports how the eagerness of Demi’s fans is expected to snowball sales of high-priced tickets.

(PRWeb October 27, 2011)

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I’m a recreational drug / alcohol user / unmotivated? do I need help?

flirting & sex
uplifting & “fight” music
motivation coaching / inspirational / success coaching
ocd perfectionist about grammar, organization, etc.
an adrenaline junky
meditation & proper breathing
attention & praise [child actor, mama’s boy before puberty]
ecstasy [spent life savings on it]
alcohol [spent the rest of my savings on it]
mixed alcohol, marijuana, and benedrill [“blackout” / memory loss]
vicoden [ppl with perscriptions give it to me]
prozac [ppl with perscriptions gave it to me, discontinued use]
cigarettes [used to be addicted, kinda grossed out by it now]
marijuana / cannabis [social anxiety disorder: got a ‘script for it]
exercising [belief that hard work is neccesary: overtraining to failure]
endorphins [from exercising + ecstasy]

I want to try:

It’s not like I’m stupid. I have an est. IQ of at least 155, and a college GPA of 4.0 so far. But I might be bipolar / suffer from borderline personality disorder (I’m afraid to ask a psychiatrist / psychologist, cuz they will probably perscribe me riddalin & prozac = P).

After spending my life’s savings on partying {$4,400 on hookers & lap dances, $4,440 on ecstasy, $3,000+ clothes & flashy watches, $100 / day on alcohol for parties, $1,000+ on medical marijuana} and running from the cops [let’s just say, it’s only illegal if you get caught, and they don’t let you go!], I have enough $ to pay my bills that I’ve accumulated.

Not to mention I have a misdemeanor I’m going to court in a week for (can’t afford a lawyer), and I managed to get herpies II from someone, and I was raped by a couple pornstars and a gay guy…it started as an experiment in bisexuality but resulted in rape. :[
And both my car and the truck I traded the car in for were crashed, resulting in my loss of $8,000, my insurance company’s loss of $8,000, and the car dealership’s loss of $2,000.

I just spent the last 3-4 days high on ecstasy. I have a lot more & I’m considering just going all out as an addict, until somebody throws me into rehab or I OD & kill myself.

I’m perfectly accepting that I was responsible for all my actions,
and unfortunately I am dealing with the consequences.

I need dental work done (16 cavities, plus braces) and want to get PRK eye surgery so I don’t have to deal with contacts / glasses (which in 2 weeks from now I will need to get my eyes re-checked, but no $).

I’d also like to “get the f**k out of dodge” as my friend put it, but I’m stuck between going to jail [might actually be good for me], joining the military, continuing acting, living with my family, suicide, and all the things I hope to become [ufc fighter, professional pick up artist, motivational/success/time management/efficiency/financial coach, etc].

I also think I’d get addicted to therapy due to the sympathy / attention?

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