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Supplementary Problems Connected with Methamphetamine Addiction in Michigan

Over the last ten years, methamphetamine addiction in Michigan has been gaining from strength to strength. About ten years ago, there wasn’t such a heavy prevalence of this drug in the state as there is now. Due to the high amount of illegal trafficking that is bringing the drug from the neighboring states and the various clandestinely operating laboratories in the state that are producing a high amount of the substance, the extent of methamphetamine addiction in Michigan has definitely increased.

Though there have been several crackdowns on these meth labs over the past years, their numbers haven’t reduced much. Each of them are still producing as much as ten pounds of methamphetamine and distributing it illegally in various places of the state today. With all these kinds of influxes, it is indeed becoming quite difficult to control the extent of methamphetamine addiction in Michigan.

The problem with methamphetamine addiction is that it is not just a solitary problem. In the state of Michigan especially, it is seen that methamphetamine addiction is tied in with several other related issues. Some of these are making the situation quite complicated, making it difficult to chalk out a single mode of treatment for the condition. The emergence of various meth rehab centers in the state are a proof that it is difficult to treat meth addiction in the same way as other kinds of drug addictions are treated. Indeed, the treatment of methamphetamine addiction in Michigan follows a very different pattern. Let us see the supplementary problems that are creating the reason for such a specialized form of treatment.

Methamphetamine Addiction in Michigan is mostly a Youth Addiction

This is one of the primary problems. The addiction of meth in Michigan is mostly concentrated in people belonging to their late teens and early twenties. There is a reason why the addiction is concentrated in this age group. Most of the meth that is produced through the meth labs is sent in the places where there is a primarily youth population. It is usually distributed in places like nightclubs and discos. These are the places where youth are seeking some more of recreation and meth is easily available in most places.

Also, it must be remembered that methamphetamine and crystal meth, its purer and stronger derivative, are both considered to be drugs that are meant to be used in groups. People would not like to use these substances when they are alone. That is the reason why its usage is favored in places where people hang out in groups.

Methamphetamine Addiction in Michigan carries Risks of Infection

Since methamphetamine is a drug that is mostly used in groups, there are several other issues that become of immediate concern. The drug is slightly arousing in nature. When a person consumes methamphetamine, there is a very pronounced feeling of euphoria, which happens very quickly and this feeling is accompanied by a sexual urge. Considering the fact that a group of people will be using the drug together, the possibility cannot be ruled out that they may participate in illegal sexual activities. However, the very addictive nature of the drug makes it difficult for these people to take measures for precaution before indulging in these activities. That is why the chances of HIV and other infections cannot be ruled out. This is one of the most significant supplementary programs that meth addiction is causing in Michigan, a problem that is probably bigger than the issue of addiction itself.

Methamphetamine Addiction in Michigan is centered on the Gay Population

This cannot be called as a problem actually, but it is definitely a trend. For some reason, there is a huge prevalence of methamphetamine in Michigan in the LGBT population. It is probably the aphrodisiacal nature of the substance that makes it popular with this community, or probably the fact that it is almost a club drug that is better when used with a group of people. For some people who are still in the closet, methamphetamine helps to come out of their inhibitions.

However, this tendency can bring in a host of problems of its own. It is a big threat to the community in terms of AIDS and people of the community overdosing on methamphetamine and then accidentally coming out are not uncommon. In fact, there are some special meth rehab centers in Michigan that specially cater to people from the LGBT groups.

Methamphetamine has brought on several problems into Michigan and the authorities are battling vehemently to somehow bring this problem to book. It is definitely taking a lot of effort, but things are doable.

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