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Addiction.com Launches College Series to Ease Students’ Transition to Campus Life

The Off to College series helps college students and their families make a healthy transition to campus life in the face of challenges such as substance abuse, eating disorders and mental health issues.

(PRWeb August 27, 2015)

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The Cabin Chiang Mai Rehab Educates Universiti Malaysia Sabah Students on Western-Style Addiction Treatment Methods

The Cabin Chiang Mai, Asia’s leading addiction treatment centre, played host to a group of graduate students from the Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) on 21st October 2014. The group, who are enrolled in the university’s Special Programme for Alcohol and Drug Abuse, were on a study visit to learn how addiction is treated in private and state facilities in Thailand.

(PRWeb November 06, 2014)

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Suncoast Rehab Warns Students Against “Academic Doping”—Adderall Abuse on the Rise

Suncoast Rehab Facility warns the public of a dangerous trend—college students are abusing Adderall at an alarming rate for its supposed ability to increase their efficiency and focus. Suncoast encourages education about the drug’s dangers and alternative methods for increasing energy.

(PRWeb July 08, 2013)

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Southern California Health Institute Releases Video of Students and Staff Performing a Massage Themed Harlem Shake

Southern California Health Institute Releases Video of Students and Staff Performing a Massage Themed Harlem Shake.

(PRWeb March 26, 2013)

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Narconon Uses Red Ribbon Week to Help Students Decide to Stay Drug-Free

In several parts of the US, students of all ages gained a new understanding of the dangers of drug abuse so they can make their own smart decisions.

(PRWeb November 01, 2012)

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T.E.A.C.H. Academic Program for Recovering Students Implements the Gold Standard in Career Testing and Vocational Placement

The T.E.A.C.H. Academic Program has employed the Pearson Career Assessment Inventory to help prepare students to step beyond academia into the professional work environment.

(PRWeb July 10, 2012)

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Inspiring Students in Early Sobriety Through Academics

Professor Joe Lapin, MFA, on-site creative writing professor at Sober College, talks about his unique and award winning approach to educating.

(PRWeb June 13, 2012)

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UNT students perform a different kind of research at the Center for Psychosocial Helath

DENTON, TX – On the second floor of Terrill Hall at the University of North Texas is the Center for Psychosocial Health (CPH) where students and faculty collaborate on research concerning psychosocial factors (mental, emotional, physical) that are associated with chronic or terminal diseases such as diabetes or HIV/AIDS. 

The research conducted at the Center focuses primarily on what the cultural norms are for a person living with HIV/AIDS in Texas. 

“Our organization and research give a voice to those who need to be heard, like homosexuals living with HIV/AIDS,” said John Ridings, a psychology senior and office manager of the Center.

 According to Ridings there has been no psychosocial research done on social issues such as drugs and the gay community or the results of stigma for people living with HIV/AIDS. 

“The Center is really pushing a new frontier,” said Ridings. 

Jonathan Harris is a doctoral student who mentors undergraduates with their writing and training at the Center and believes that among the many goals that the Center has, its most important goal is to show students how to conduct research properly. 

“The ultimate goal of the Center is to teach NT students how to be scientists,” said Harris. 

Harris is passionate about applying the information learned through research in a real world setting. Last year Harris went to Guyana to visit children who live with HIV to understand the stigma of being HIV positive overseas. 

Students who are not involved with the psychology program at NT may not have known about the Center.

Gil Wasserman, a computer science junior was unaware that the Center existed but after hearing about it from a friend feels that it is a nice edition to NT.

“I think that it not only increases the reputation of UNT as a great research university, but it also provides a great base of information for undergraduate and graduate students,” said Wasserman.

Dr. Mark Vosvick, an associate professor of health psychology and behavioral medicine, started the Center to allow graduate and undergraduate students the opportunity to gain field experience in psychology research. 

“Dr. Vosvick expects students to perform world class research,” said Ridings.

Ridings believes that the experience gained through the Center is invaluable for students who want to go on to graduate school.

“There is a misunderstanding about what is required to get into grad school. Graduate schools for psychology now require actual field experience in order for a student to be accepted. There are few opportunities that are available to psychology students with as much hands on experience in field research as the Center,” said Ridings. 

One of the many research projects that is currently under way at the Center is Project Heart. The purpose of Project Heart is to examine the relationship between a person’s heart rate and the stress caused from HIV-related stigma in people living with HIV/AIDS. To create a more collaborative project, the Center is conducting this study with the help of the co-director of UNT’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) studies, Dr. Marilyn Morris, and plans to do more inter-discipline research in the future.  

“We are headed in a fantastic direction with a really great chance to help make a positive mark on someone’s life,” said Ridings.


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