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Crowdventure.com Teams Up with Equipoise Capital Partners to Offer Crowdfunded Real Estate Investment Opportunities to Accredited Investors Nationwide

Crowdventure.com, the real estate crowdfunding platform, has signed a landmark joint venture partnership with Campbell, CA based Equipoise Capital Partners. Collaborating closely with Equipoise management and their highly experienced real estate development and project management team, Crowdventure.com offers accredited investors across the country a range of high-yield, short-term debt and equity investment opportunities secured by real estate assets.

(PRWeb September 16, 2015)

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ZINC Financial Reports Increased Home Prices and Bidding Wars in Northern California Are Creating Dream Investment Opportunities for House Flippers

Recent market conditions in Northern California include high home prices and bidding wars. Additionally, properties are selling within weeks and serious rehab real estate investors are making considerable returns on their investments.

(PRWeb June 17, 2014)

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ZINC Financial Reports That Investors are Pursuing Traditional Fix & Flip Opportunities due to Excellent Market Conditions

With house prices on the rise around the country, house flippers are currently making an average gross profit of $18,400 per property. Due to the excellent real estate market conditions in California, ZINC Financial has seen an increase in the number of investors that are pursuing fix & flip opportunities.

(PRWeb October 15, 2013)

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Housing Market’s Post-Election Period of Stabilization Presents Opportunities for House Flippers According to ZINC Financial, Inc.

With the uncertainty of the elections behind the country, the housing market across the United States has entered a period of stabilization. Factors including historically low mortgage rates and an optimal affordability rating have combined to create lucrative opportunities for property investors.

(PRWeb December 12, 2012)

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Current US Real Estate Trends Create Perfect Opportunities for House Flippers

Current trends in the US real estate market, such as historically low interest rates, have created ideal opportunities for house flippers to secure rehab properties with record return on investment.

(PRWeb October 11, 2012)

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Top Home Business Opportunities Through Internet

Anybody looking for a hot home business opportunity may look into the following list of best home-based businesses, which can be done online.

Home Renovation: These services are one of the hottest as people always want to make their home more livable and they seldom hesitate to invest large amounts of money to renovate their home from time to time. You can also specialize in particular areas like bathroom renovation or exterior renovation. Once you provide a top quality service to your clients, they are most likely to come back to you in a couple of years, or even before that.

Pet-based services: Keeping pets is a trend now-a-days but with today’s fast and busy life, people usually do not get time to pay attention to their pets. By offering pet-based services like taking them to a walk every evening, taking them to a veterinarian regularly or taking care of them when the owners are out of the town, you can really do a favor to the pet owners and these kinds of services will be really appreciated and demanded in the market.

Catering services: Catering is no more limited to large parties busy families can even employ catering services for small get-togethers. If you are able to plan and prepare a nourishing and appealing food and deliver it within time, catering service is the best home business for you.

Cleaning services: Along the similar line of busy lives, people have no time to clean their home regularly and here comes the need for cleaning services. People who are shifting to their new home can also hire you to clean their prospective home so that when they reach their new home, they find everything clean and in order. So, if you can organize things and can run a crew, this home based business can really turn into something bigger.

Wedding planning and consulting service: This home business can be really lucrative for you as busy life has kept parents from planning for their children’s marriage and now, they rarely want to get involved in the hassles related to weddings. In the world of 2-minute instant noodles, everyone wants things to be instantly available without the need to get themselves involved. In addition to that, gay and lesbian couples may also approach you for consultation.

Dietary consulting services: People are now becoming more health conscious and for keeping themselves in good shape, they may approach you for dietary consultation.

Distributing herbal beauty products: As herbal products are becoming the trend of the day, you can make some of them at your own home and distribute them around the world through your website.

Coaching services: In today’s world of virtual classrooms and online universities, you can open an online institute and provide coaching to students around the world through Internet. All you need is command over the subject you are teaching.

Above given are some of the easy home business ideas which can offer you job at ease as well as good remuneration.

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Opportunities for Gay Retail Travel Agencies

YTB Travelmore an affiliate marketer for YTB (Your Travel Biz) is currently seeking travel agents through its travel agent marketing website Your Ticket to Paradise

YTB Travel Biz (YTB) brings you the perfect opportunity to transform your life through combining the fun of travel with the speed of the Internet, multiplied by the power of referral marketing to provide YOU with the ultimate home-based business solution.

YTB Your Travel Business – An online travel agency offering home business opportunities to get you fully licensed as an agent allowing you to build your very own professional online travel agency as well as receive all the travel perks that travel agents enjoy. We have a solid team and systems in place.

YTB brings you the perfect opportunity to transform your life through combining the fun of travel with the speed of the Internet, multiplied by the power of referral marketing to provide YOU with the ultimate home-based business solution. YTB is taking the industry by storm!!

The YTB companies offer two unique and powerful business opportunities, that of referring travel agent or “RTA” and that of independent marketing representative or “REP”. The travel agent opportunity has an initial fee under $500 and a monthly license fee of $49.95. There is no fee or travel agency purchase required to be a REP. You may choose to participate in one or both opportunities.

Gay Travel Demographics:

The gay and lesbian community are self-identified travelers have a median age of 47, mostly coupled, median income of $80,000 and a history of taking three or more leisure trips per year.

“Do you have to be gay to sell gay travel?”

This is the most often-asked question among travel agents attending TAG marketing seminars. The answer is always posed as another question: “Do you have to be Jewish to sell a synagogue tour of Jerusalem? Or sight-impaired to serve a client with a vision disability?” Based on their own, experience, the answer is an obvious “no.” By becoming sensitive to a gay client’s needs and preferences, by maintaining a resource library of gay travel guidebooks and maps, and by developing relationships with dependable gay travel suppliers, a retail travel agent can successfully build a loyal gay and lesbian following. But again we advise: Be realistic. The gay market cannot be won overnight. It takes a steady approach.

Your Own Specialty:

You can’t pick up a travel trade publication these days without reading the words: Specialize to survive. Identifying the gay market is already specializing, but now, savvy gay travelers are looking for further specialization within the gay market: Gay scuba trips, lesbian rafting adventures, gay Australia, etc. The possibilities are endless. With the advent of toll-free numbers, the proliferation of newsletters for gay clubs and organizations, and the increasing popularity of internet, you can identify and serve a specialized gay following from around the country or even the world. Don’t just pick a specialty because you think it might be “lucrative.” Pick something you love. If you love sailing, and that’s what you do with your own weekends and vacations, you can flourish by developing this specialty for the gay market as well. Then you have the best of both worlds: Doing what you love, and earning your living in the process.

Be a Joiner:

“It’s all about who you know”. This is an advantage for travel agents developing the gay market. Participating in gay travel industry organizations such as the International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA) and the Travel Alternatives Group (TAG) as well as gay community organizations in your own area will allow you to network with key players. Through these organizations, you will have the contacts to identify powerful alliances with suppliers, participate in co-op advertising and marketing programs, develop group, association and corporate sales, and become known as a specialist in your own “niche within the niche.”

The Key to Your Success:

Community Involvement Programs Gays and lesbians depend on non-profit organizations for almost all aspects of our daily lives. From health concerns such as HIV and breast cancer, to social and recreational organizations like “Frontrunners,” “Different Spokes,” and city gay community centers, to business organizations such as the IGLTA and local gay chambers of commerce, to political organizations which are protecting our basic human rights from attacks by the religious right these non-profits play a pivotal role in the day-to-day lives of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. Most gays and lesbians belong and actively participate in some sort of organization, supporting them with both time and money.

Often mainstream agents and suppliers ask if they can be effective entering the gay and lesbian market. The answer is “of course!” but only if you work within the community; and are not seen as targeting the “gay buck.”

There are two very important reasons for any travel agent or travel supplier to have a Community Involvement Program. First, and foremost, it’s the right thing to do. Our network of non-profit community agencies needs every individual and every business to contribute in order to thrive.

Secondly, community involvement is a cost-effective marketing tool which can bring substantial results, increasing your business far beyond your charitable investment.

Many businesses serving the gay and lesbian market have ongoing community involvement programs. These businesses almost universally report that “being involved” leads to bigger profits and better morale among employees. Ultimately, profit comes from increased business. But business grows through increased customer loyalty and new clients, both of which result from an effective Community Involvement Program.

If you are interested in becoming a Referring Travel Agent (RTA) contact Brent Vanderstelt at 231-206-5333 or visit YTB Travelmore, Book Flights, Hotels, Car Rentals, Vacations and Cruises

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